emacberry Repository (for GPSLogger II)

QR: test This is a repository of apps to be used with F-Droid. The Application(s) in this repository are from Matthias Marquardt (emacberry.com). The Apps provided via this Repo are identical to the GooglePlay Store or Amazon AppStore verions (or have even more features).

Currently it serves 1 apps. To add it to your F-Droid client, scan the QR code (click it to enlarge) or use this URL:


If you would like to manually verify the fingerprint (SHA-256) of the repository signing key, here it is:
57 07 37 67 C5 CF 37 4F 07 59 CD D9 36 85 79 5D 83 CA 02 49 D3 3E 20 5C 9D 0E 58 56 29 53 09 76